Thursday, February 28, 2013

We are very fortunate to work with some of the very best Swedish and Norwegian musicians. They have all contributed to the record with their outstanding performances! So to all musicians - we are very lucky to have you on board the "The Second One". Thank you!

Christian Thomsen - The high tenor that can reach notes we didn't even know existed. In full voice.

Mikael Emsing - If you can hit it, he can make music out of it. Criminally good percussionist.

Göran Turborn - North Sweden's best kept secret (don't tell anyone). Played the guitar solo to "Brother to Brother" note perfectly in chilly autumn weather.

Peter Olofsson - If Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro and Ringo Starr had a baby ... The foundation of the State Cows sound.

Per Bejstam - We stumbled upon his incredible Dirty Loops horn arrangements and were lucky enough to have him add some magic to our record as well. And he plays all horns by himself.

Lars-Erik Dahle - The funkiest bass player in Norway. Period.

Pär Wretling - You heard him as part of a horn section on our debut album. Now you will have the chance to hear is warm and soulful tone as a soloist.

Peter Holmqvist - The angular jazz guitarist who enhanced our previous album is back with a vengeance. Solo guitar at its best.

Samuel Muntlin - The amazing saxophone player who also turned out to be a master of the EWI (Google it).

Marcuz Granberg - The lead singer of Steely Dan tribute Second Arrangement and live background singer of State Cows enhances our new record with his warm vocals. Soul is the keyword.

Sven Larsson - Completely blew us away with his fantastic guitar playing. As good as it gets.

Also thanks to Anders Lundkvist for his amazing bass playing on stage and Johan Viksten for his excellent slide guitar work.

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