Thursday, December 20, 2012

Personal Message From Daniel


  1. Hello Daniel and Stefan, could you please let me know when the new State Cows album would be available ? I can't wait for it!
    My personnal email is:
    Peace and Music from Paris, France

  2. Hello Jean-Michel!

    Thanks for the feedback!

    You're on our mailing list so you will receive a notice as soon as we post something new.

  3. Hey, you guys friended me through my YouTube account a few years ago and I bought your first album which was one of the best albums in the modern west coast genre that I had heard since AOR's L.A. Attraction back in 2006. I'm really looking forward to hearing your upcoming new album, especially with all of the special guests that will be on it. Keep up the great work guys. By the way, I've heard your two single releases from last year and both of them are excellent.

    1. Hi Brian, thanks for the kind words! The new album will be better than the previous one.

    2. Yeah, from the sound clips I've heard that you've posted so far, I agree. Of course, you set the bar pretty high with the debut album. Have you looked into trying to acquire Tommy Denander's talents for a song or two? He's from your neck of the woods, isn't he? By the way, what are the top five albums in your CD player rotation? And this question is for both of you.

  4. Hi Brian, Thanks for that. The two singles will most likely be featured on the upcoming album. Both Hard Goodbye and Center of the Sun have been re-recorded with better sound quality. The special guests are amazing, top work!