Tuesday, August 23, 2011

State Cows - Stella by the Barlight (lyrics)

I got a mail today, said I was obsolete
Been working the same old soulless 9-5
Cleaning up dirty floors, with a broken broom
Changed the last roll of paper, I'm out the door

Winds are blowing strong
But I'm laughing all day long
'cause I got a date tonight
Stella by the Barlight
And it's alright

As I was driving home, heard a squealing sound
A tail of a cat by the roadside was all that I found
When I got home that night, found a note on the door
"The locks have been changed, and you're not welcome here anymore"


I picked up the bags, the wife had left by the door
Suddenly I got a blow, and I fell to the floor
When I woke up again, I couldn't feel my legs
I spent my last cash, on one of those little blue cars


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