Tuesday, August 23, 2011

State Cows - Looney Gunman (lyrics)

How could I begin to see
You were gone away again
Another loser from the agency
Who was only just a friend but I know
Only half of that was true

Must have been a lack of grace
That ended my despair
Came up with a crazy scheme
I was only half aware, but you know
Only half of that was true

Wherever you're walking
Whatever you do
There's a looney gunman
Looking for you

Loaded up a single round
And began a lethal game
Gave myself the opening move
But came out just the same, and you know
Now the barrel points at you


Out of all the things I've lost
I miss my mind today
Now I realize that you
Were too yellow to stay, but you know
Only half of green is blue


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