Tuesday, August 23, 2011

State Cows - Come to the Point (lyrics)

Night was turning into day
I'd packed my bags and gone away
Got inside a taxi cab
Was heading for another land

As I gazed back through the shield
The radio sang "Ramblin' Blues"
Rain fell down upon the street
And the sky above was like concrete

Early morning at 4 am
In my troubled mind appeared
A sudden vision of another time
The Age of Reason

I've come to the point of no return
(It's time to) leave behind the matters of no concern

I got a message on the phone
It's J.P. from the business board
I'm sure they wonder where I am
I won't answer, I don't give a damn

Arriving in a sunny state
I trade my tie for a pair of shades
Now I'll find the time to write
The end of my old novel is in sight

Late at night 'round 10 pm
The air is cooling down
Seven hours since I found
The Age of Reason


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