Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Soloists part #2

Continuing on our previous post, here are more great soloists!
Peter Holmqvist: guitar
On "Come to the point" we were looking for a jazzy solo to give the song a special edge. We've known Peter for years, he played guitar on Daniel's album "Days In L.A.", but it was a long time since we played together. Daniel called him up, Peter listened to the song, came over to the studio with his old Les Paul plugged in and played a wonderful jazzy solo all in one take!

Mikael Sandström: guitar
Guitarist and founding member of Dynamo Bliss. An extreme musical talent from Hössjö just outside of Umeå. Mikael played the blazing solo on "Stella by the Barlight". Besides being a great musician, Mikael is handy with electronics and engineering, building amps, mixing consoles, compressors etc. A studio lifesaver!

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