Friday, April 16, 2010

Backup Plan

How many westcoast records can you name that don't contain blazing harmony parts?

Daniel and Stefan recorded scratch vocal arrangements early on in the process to make sure there was enough room when the time came to put the real vocals on. Soundscapes tend to clutter up fast when adding instrumental overdubs. The arrangements turned out quite intricate with lots of tight notes and tricky jumps as well as some castrate like tenor parts.

In order to get good performances and a nice mixture of voices, some really versatile vocalists were badly needed. We found them in Christian Thomsen (above) and Marcuz Granberg (below), two extremely talented singers! They totally delivered and did all their parts in less than a day. Kudos to you, guys!


  1. I love it!!!!:-) Blir det någon turné?
    Sprider detta på Facebook!
    Anders Graneheim

  2. Tackar, tackar, Anders!! Kul att det gick hem! Vi ska annonsera ut datum för release-fest (med tillhörande gig) inom kort. Det blir ganska säkert mitten på juni. Ha't bra. =)