Sunday, February 28, 2010

Master Class

Jay Graydon is no doubt one of the most outstanding contemporary guitarists, producers and songwriters and a house-hold name for everyone the least familiar with westcoast and adult contemporary music. He has twelve Grammy award nominations, has won twice and has produced artists such as Al Jarreau, Manhattan Transfer, Kenny Rogers and Air Supply.

It's our great pleasure to announce that Jay will be playing one of his trademark solos on the upcoming album!

Photo © Kerstin Olofsson 2008-2010


  1. Oh man can´t wait hearing the great Jay G, adding some slick and tasty flavour to your super material:)/ Aram Afsahi (LA Cue)

  2. Jay - How can we get copies of your material for possible Airplay? This world needs it! High quality downloads are fine.


    Bill Spry